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from costume KOS-MOS
effembee So it's been a really really reallyyyyyy long time since I've posted photos here. Since I finished KOS-MOS version 4, I've been extremely unhappy with everything on it and I've actually decided on redoing virtually everything, save for a few details. This revamp included the helmet, and this is how it looks so far! I was able to find a roundish clear green thing to use as my base for the front part. The rest is built with craft foam and foamcore. I'm pretty satisfied with how it's turning out so far! Sorry for the crappy quality...I have yet to get batteries for my camera, so for now I've just been taking pictures with my computer.
  • Angeal ooooooooooooooooooo prettypretty lights 13 years ago
  • Chocobo chic what kind of light did u use? i have been wanting to do this for mine 13 years ago
  • Allison Wow, that helmet is awesome! I don't know the character but I really like it. ^-^ 13 years ago
  • Meitachi Oh, wow, that is so cool! 13 years ago