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from costume Temari Sabaku No
Millenia133 Yeah... Me as Temari...
  • creknight omg i love your eyes 13 years ago
  • deshwitat awwwww man, you look soooo cute and beautiful 13 years ago
  • Angeal very cute 13 years ago
  • Yuna_sun ohhhhh wooooooow this picture! your eyes!!!! all is so breathtakingly you look so adroble and cute *.* all love all your cosplays *.* 13 years ago
  • Millenia133 Oh, nevermind, its just so funny... xD Its just showing that youre honest cause youre writing what youre thinking... Talking on the phone with you is always fun, though! ^-^ 13 years ago
  • Millenia133 Feena *laughs* You are writing down what youre thinking arentya? xD I am no Talim YOU are a Talim xDDD This character is called Temari... xDDDDDD Alright commenting while talking on tellphone really can end like this... xD Though, thanks to you, dear sis, and to all the others! ^0^ 13 years ago
  • Feena-chan the cutest talim ever and ever !!!!!!! your sweet eyes are so hypnotic ^^youre the best dear sis ^^ 13 years ago
  • kowaipanda You're such a cute Temari! 13 years ago
  • Nguyet Your eyes are soo cute! ^__^ 13 years ago
  • Rose of Battle Wow. Beautiful eyes. :) 13 years ago
  • Cubed_Link adorable 13 years ago
  • Albel-Nox Thats a pretty pic ^^ 13 years ago