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from costume Princess Garnet
Mew_Pudding hailo is the best boyfriend evar.

I decided I needed more pictures of this beast-dress. :D

Ivy is all hand beaded, jewlery by Kairi_G and photo by Ollie!

Thank yooooou!! :D
  • Ninnu-chan It's so beautiful! n___n Now I regret that I haven't play the game! 14 years ago
  • Sumikins You DO need more pictures of the Beast Dress. And by Beast Dress, I do mean it's sheer size and epicness. You did a wonderful job, and this photo is lovely. 15 years ago
  • Dia If we don't get a picture of me crawling out from under your dress at Boston, I will weep openly. 15 years ago
  • HimeZelda AWWWWWWWW ^__^ I love Zidane x Dagger/Garnet 15 years ago