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from costume Sanosuke Sagara
~Sano~ A picture of myself and the four lovely Yunas that i met.
  • zaphyro ahaha awesome XD 11 years ago
  • torra Hahaha, this picture is priceless! 14 years ago
  • Hitokiri Kenshin Sano is quite the ladies' man. Watch out for any jealous Tiduses. 14 years ago
  • Nguyet You're attracting all the Yunas >_< You make a really good Sano 14 years ago
  • Nikki-chan639 Pimpin'~! xD 14 years ago
  • ~Sano~ They ambushed me? I'm innocent, i swear it? lol 14 years ago
  • HimeZelda OMG you commented on some of my Yuna pics earlier and now that I take a close look on this picture I can see you are a huge Yuna fan! XD 14 years ago
  • Zombie Jill Hosnap. XD Sanosuke's a popular guy... You musta had a Yuna-magnet hidden under that coat... x3 Not that being smooshed between four loverly FF girls is a bad thing. This picture's probably my fav, just for the pimp-factor. 14 years ago
  • Anna_Sagara OMG I WISH I CAN BE INSERETED AMONG THE LADIES! T__T SANO PIMP that's the way to go HAH XDDDDDD 14 years ago
  • EternalSuccubus You are a popular guy xDDD 14 years ago
  • ~Sano~ Haha.. Thanks for all the comments everyone. I'm glad you like the pic, it's one of my favorites. :p 14 years ago
  • [/Lélis] YOU HAVE MOJO ² xDDD 14 years ago
  • Choi You have Mojo. 14 years ago
  • itsuki<3pudding popular guy XD 14 years ago