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from costume Allegretto
Splenda Ok, lame title I know. I swear I had tons of cute title ideas...that I now cannot think of! Anyways, first shot of the majority of our Eternal Sonata group. We'll later be joined by a Chopin and a Solfege (Polka's mom). Oh, and my Allegretto is totally only sort of finished and many parts will be fixed and redone for Otakon.

Jazz - Flexei
Falsetto - Rogue
Polka - Sugar
Allegretto - Myself
  • SaiyenGirl Hoorray! You all look fantastic! Love all the details and everything. Cuuuuttte. 14 years ago
  • Miaka-chan You guys look awesome! *_* Bravo to all of you. ^___^ 15 years ago
  • Cvy nice costumes and team :D love the puffy skirt ! 15 years ago
  • MidnightMist What a terrific group! You all look wonderful! So cool to see so many characters all together. 15 years ago
  • Sparkle Pipsi Yay yay yay!! You guys look awesome! And so COLORFUL =D! I love eternal sonata xD 15 years ago
  • phantomthief All of the costumes are so... so... CUTE! *hearts* ~Ari 15 years ago