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from costume Rue
NiGHTmaren It hasn't even been a year since I finished Odile - and here's another tutu! I debuted this one at Otakon last weekend. I did go about constructing this one a bit differently - it is based on a tutu Rue wears for only about 5 seconds in the ending section of the final episode. It's Aurora's Act III (wedding) tutu, and seems to be greatly inspired by the tutu used in the 1994 Royal Ballet production of Sleeping Beauty. I have full notes on construction in the costume section for this piece - needless to say, it was 3 months of hard work but it paid off well! I love this tutu and I love being able to cosplay as Rue. Two of her costumes down, many to go!
  • Kitri This is so gorgeous! I've been thinking of trying this one myself. I love the way you've actually done so much research into the Aurora costuming too. It's such a good way of filling in the missing details from that scene. And the RB costumes are always so cleverly created. 9 years ago
  • Stormtiger just beautiful 10 years ago
  • polaracebear ~So pretty~ it's gorgeous, wonderful! It's easily my favorite cosplay even if I've only seen picture.........meh. 10 years ago