Amberle's image
from costume Dietrich von Lohengrin
Amberle Shot by the very wonderful Nevar.
Makeup by the awesome Nevar.
Edited by mommy Nevar.
I'm in love with the photo. :D
One of the photos from our recent RKO shoot.
  • Amberle kula: haha! i shall upload uh soon o_o ♥ tsadhe: thank you!! ;D 15 years ago
  • tsadhe great shot, cool pose *fave* 15 years ago
  • kulaneko your girlfriend demand more photos!!!! i know you have tons of nice pictures in your com :x 15 years ago
  • Amberle peggy/kula: yes i will be your boyfriends LOL. kazzy: thank you, i think you are sexy too! choco: i will dig for photos! DX thank you! kanasai: thank you very much! i'm glad you like the costume :D akane: you are made of winz too!! OneOfTwo: thank you very much! XD 15 years ago
  • kulaneko please be kaya's boyfriend! X3 15 years ago
  • OneOfTwo Great shot you got here! 15 years ago
  • Mikazuki Akane You are so made of winz~ 15 years ago
  • Kanasai* The costume is full of awesome @[email protected] I like your posture, and that confidence that goes with it. HOTNESS! 15 years ago
  • ChocoLime You look friggin cool in this photo~! Post more! 15 years ago
  • Kazeki should post the other one too!! This one so sexy 15 years ago
  • peggy YES MY SHAFA !!! SECURED DESU! OH MY GOD be my boyfriend please. 15 years ago