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BlackMarth Wow, the lyrics to "Weapon of Choice" make no sense. Everyone SAY HI TO AMBROSIA'S FIRST CROSSPLAY LOL. I R ANGRY ASIAN MAN. Pixels, etc.

Spike: Ambrosia
Picture: also Ambrosia
  • chibiplum You both look badass! 15 years ago
  • hailo Fan-freaking-tastic. 15 years ago
  • Dia Well at least you've got the cocks to match! 15 years ago
  • TwiliteSea Edward/Judy/Morgan wishes to rape both of you. At the same time. 15 years ago
  • Twin Bee :DDDDDDDDD Sex ♥ Wes gonna molest yous 15 years ago
  • Ambrosia Whatever Greg, you just wish you were as pretty as us. 15 years ago
  • Zanial Oh you kids and your dressing like men. 15 years ago