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effembee So, upon Lionel and us discussing the fact that there was NO WHERE in the Ohayocon hotel to shoot Fire Emblem themed things and it was far too cold outside so be prancing around, we gave up and decided that we would create our own Fire Emblem poses and do generally silly things. I promise that I will upload serious things in the future.

This photo came when we were sitting on the staircase and I looked over at the dolly cart. I turned to Lionel and said, "CAN WE PLEASE DO SOMETHING WITH THAT DOLLY CART." Hilarity ensued.
  • Sarah-Boo Really cute group! I love all three outfits!! ^-^ 14 years ago
  • Shadow Valkyrie you three look so great in these costumes. I don't think I can pull off Mist's costume until I lose some weight. *looks at fat stomach, looks at a cookie. It's all your fault you stupid high calorie cookie* hopeful I can lose enough weight by May for Fanime! ^_^ (i can't wait) 14 years ago
  • dandelionswish 'onward!' LOL, cute :3 14 years ago