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Bahzi Yep, a hoodie of Adrian Veidt's genetically created pet lynx, a more film inspired one. ^^ A project I did to be doing something other than a Pokemon for once, and because I love Bubastis/Watchmen.

This one's more of a hoodie mod, I didn't make the actual hoodie part, it was a pre-striped purple hoodie from Hot Topic that had a zip-off hood, I just embroidered the eyes/nose, added face details and made the ears and tail.

The ears and tail are made from a really nice 1" pile purple faux fur with a black base, so the stripes are simply shaved into it, and the ear tips, tail and sewn-on cheek/beard tufts are 2.5" purple fox fur that I tipped with a lighter lavender/lilac with thinned acrylic paint.

The face details/eyes are machine embroidered, and I re-lined the hood with soft black anti-pill fleece. The tail has armature wire in it to give it shape, and like the hood, is removable for washing!
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