Mortelle's image
from costume Yoko Littner
Mortelle Photography by Alex Weatherston.

The day that we were supposed to shoot was the windiest day of the year. My wig got completely ruined the moment I stepped out of the car (all of my styling was pretty much in vain D: ) and there was howling in our ears. It's a miracle that we managed to get *any* shots at all where I wasn't either squinting or red-nosed from the wind :)
  • MiyorI you're SOOOOOO cute! 13 years ago
  • Tazzy_ So gorgeous! You are a great fit for Yoko! Bummer about the wind messin' up your wig. Mother nature doesn't like cosplay I guess. Wind or no wind, this is a pretty shot, and the costume looks so smashing! 13 years ago
  • Amishanda The colours in this shot are stunning. Fantastic cosplay also! ^___^ 13 years ago