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Limeyaku Everything about this costume, we call epic.
Just because.
" It's a matter of pride, really. " >_>

This is the first wig I've tried adding an artificial hairline to, and it does still need to be trimmed back a little ( hence photoshopping on the face; there is still 2 inches of lace around the front ), but overall I think it turned out great in the few spots that needed it!

And I'm very happy with the look of the 'bangs' and how they capture the actual illustrated style but don't look too glued or fake...they have a natural thickness and volume in them right at the lace and still have some nice movement and shape. :)

Still have to add the sideburns... hence the smudged down one. Hey, I said it's a WIP!

Going to thicken up the scarf/make a new one in a 'barely blue'. This 100% silk ( matter of pride ) is much paler in person but photographs so bright/dark in shadowed areas and folds. Blegh.

We're very excited for him to be one of the handful of male Byakuyas! More progress pics on the way!
  • Blood_Sword Wow, looks pretty dang epic already. O_O Can't wait to see it finished! 12 years ago
  • Giuly_Chan looks awesome so far! *_* is very rare to find good Byakuyas.. 12 years ago