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from costume Gilgamesh
ChilmarkGryphon My journal indicates that I did everything in this picture, pattern-drafting to ready-for-sanding, in 5 days o__o I have no recollection, which means it was probably the *whole* five days, no sleep. I get like that sometimes.

It's pepakura method, but I drafted the patterns myself rather than working from a 3D model. For the shoulders I built cardboard forms to indicate all the arcs, then draped them in paper and trimmed and darted until I had a pattern with a lot of curved gores. For the greaves, I started out with appropriately sized cylinders for my calves, then made a bunch of slits at the top and bottom and expanded them to make flared curves.
  • Sharkface Do you still have the pepakura for this armor? I am working on mine now and am just baffled at where to start. I'm also going to be using EVA foam. So- we'll see how that looks. 10 years ago