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from costume Sailor Saturn
Straywind I'm so thrilled to have such an epic photo to share care of my wonderful friend SolarTempest from Otakuthon last month. :D This photo was taken inside the convention centre right at a lit wall. I think the wall was some sort of instillation to honour donors. Anyway, it glowed purple and blue so I really wanted to get some shots there.

Boy did Kevin ever capture the moment! It looks incredible! :D This definitely ranks up there as one of my best Cosplay shots and I really appreciate his work on the shot and the shoot!

A big thank you to the people behind my costume - Ammie and T-toast (Adrien). I commissioned Ammie to make me a Saturn fuku last year and she was able to make it for me last winter. The fuku turned out amazingly. It was way back at Anime North 2010 that I first borrowed Ammie's Saturn costume and I Cosplayed from Sailor Moon for the first time. I think getting my own Saturn fuku was an awesome decision. :3

T-toast (Adrien) made my Silence Glaive. I got it from him back in 2011, but I have very few clear shots of me wielding it as Saturn. You can see what an amazing job he did on the top of the staff. I'm looking forward to the full shots from the shoot so you can see more of the great details with my Saturn fuku. (^_^)