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Kukkii-san Now you need to create the "head band" or "base plate" that will rest against the back of your your head. It will be placed on the inside of the wig and act as a counterweight for the ponytail, to prevent the wig from flexing or sagging.

Saw the aluminium slat into two pieces, each approx. 20-25cm (8-10") long. File off the cutting edges so you don't hurt yourself.

(To determine the perfect length, measure your head: slat A will go from ear to ear, slat B will go from front to back, minus 3-4". Make sure they're not too long, so they don't poke out of the wig later.)

The slats will form a cross, the center of which will sit right underneath the ponytail. So make sure you've marked the spot (on the wig head) where you want the ponytail to sit.

Drill a hole right through the middle of slat A, wide enough to accomodate the screw. Drill a hole into slat B, wherever it intersects with slat B. Insert the screw into the holes.

Bend the aluminium slats to shape them to your head. (Aluminium is easy to bend, but you may need to use flat pliers to get the curve right.) Try it on and make sure it rests comfortably against your head.
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