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from costume Ragna The Bloodedge
Elffi Hey!

Desucon (www.desucon.fi) is over now, and we had this little photoshoot with my friend Yaci.

Ragna The Bloodedge - Blazblue
Cosplayer: Me
Photographer: Yaci

Lol, some seagulls tried to attack us while we were taking these photos!!
  • Kitsoru Even the seagulls are after Ragna :c 13 years ago
  • Edolph09 That cosplay is so crazy its not even funny. Nice work! 13 years ago
  • Zaid Smokin' hot bud! 13 years ago
  • Sora-Yaoi awesome Just awesome! 13 years ago
  • AanZku oi! Hieno kuva! Näytät niin ylväältä ja elegantilta! \o/ 13 years ago