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Admin Jia Jem as Jack (Subject Zero) from Mass Effect 2.

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  • squall87alex absolutely perfect!! O.O amazing! 10 years ago
  • Blue Leader That looks amazing. Excellent job on the outfit! 10 years ago
  • ScarletAshes O_O amazing!!! 10 years ago
  • consciousbruh The perfection on the tats makes this so impressive. 10 years ago
  • FirstKeeper Very cool. Lovely tatoos. 10 years ago
  • CloudStrife7 Your costume makes me think you walked right off of the set of a Mass Effect Film! Great job! 10 years ago
  • Kamikazeh1 LOL I have those boots! :) they are fun, this is a great costume! 10 years ago
  • spacingstardust i was like, did she render that when i saw the thumbnail and was like flipping hell that is awesome when i realised it wasn't and it was real still like 0_0 10 years ago
  • FunkPlay I am thoroughly impressed by this. REALLY great job and extreme props for shaving your head. You pull it off so well! 11 years ago
  • AnimeLover1116 First thing I said was "S*** went the whole 9 yards, I love it" 11 years ago
  • shi-lian so cute"!! 11 years ago
  • Zombie Hadouken thats f*kin hardcore! i love it! great job with everything and kudos for shavin your head with the designs! 11 years ago
  • -Nayami- This is awesome! Those boots... *_* 11 years ago
  • Pan-Chan Everything about this costume is absolutely incredible! 11 years ago