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Rain_cloud cosplayed sakura on the first day of comic fiesta 06.

as u can see my wig is not very well styled because we didnt have enough time.X_x

i brought the gloves to the event too,but i didnt wear it because i had to take care of my booth and run arond a lot..and those gloves doesnt allow me to grip anything.

u cant really see the earpiece in the picture..but its there~

i still have to improve on a lot of things on this costume.my belt/broach/wing thingy at my waist chipped of quite a bit during the event,so i have to touch up on that too..
will post up more pictures later.

random note: argh u cant see the big pink teardrop shaped jewel on my belt/broach/wing/i dunno what to call it thingy on my waist. T_T

special thanks to jackee for helping out with the wig.
not sure where i got the picture from,but if its yours and u want me to credit you,feel free to PM me.
  • Crystalike this is lovely! the staff is so cool! 15 years ago
  • xKasumix so cute. Lovely dress. ^^ 16 years ago
  • ChocoLime i think u did a good job on this cosplay! You really chose a tsubasa sakura costume that really suits you. And i love the wand-sceptre thing O_O ;; nvm...style the hair more for photoshoot *o* 16 years ago
  • SizerAzrael ooo pretty~~ and I found ya XD;;; 16 years ago
  • Pantastic Beautiful! 16 years ago
  • Kanasai* LOVE THE STAFFF!!!!!! so damn well done!!! 16 years ago
  • Naruchi I really like the staff and you are cutee !^O^ 16 years ago
  • -Naraku- wondefull...i love the costume and the staff 16 years ago
  • Kazeki so cuteeeeeee you and your 1337 staff of d00m!! XD 16 years ago
  • Astellecia omg the TEH leet staff :) looking great 16 years ago
  • Elsch WOW! That looks lovely~ ^0^ I like you wig, don't worry~ The staff is so cool and the dress looks just pretty on you~ ^^ 16 years ago