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from costume Sakura Haruno
Kayokou Well, this was taken at AN 07 of a cute picture of me and my friend as Sakura and Sasuke.
  • RiKashi you guys are so cute ^_^ When I see you guys at cons I'm like omg! perfect couple right there :D lol luv your cosplays :) 15 years ago
  • KarasaurusRexxx Awwww, so cuuute! *hands you a cookie* ._. 15 years ago
  • Rachel Stevens Awesome photo and cute :D 15 years ago
  • Miki-san whow, this photo is so hot and sexy! Sasu + Saku = 15 years ago
  • Linnea AWWW CUTE..... *steals your boyfriend* 15 years ago
  • silverangel902 Aw you guys are so cute! I'm glad I ran into you at AN *huggies*! I'm glad to see you had a great time (remembers DTAC). You're going to CNA right? You better! 15 years ago
  • Kayokou Elderwen: Aww thank you XD I love you stephy! BoredHorror: Thank you so much, ^^; It was the first time I really wore Sakura out. Shes alot of fun, and Iam glad you like it! Nicki_013: Ahh thank you so much! lol I love my wig too *heart* It took a while to get that thing right for Sakura. Lanna_Waterdrop: Lmao, yeah I didn't notice that till after I had posted it, Your weekend pass just adds to the effect. AND WE LOVE YOU!!! Thanks everyone ^_^ 15 years ago
  • Lanna_Waterdrop Dude! I see my AN Weekend pass in the background! XDD I gots weapons check. Love you both! 15 years ago
  • nicki_013 nice photo. Really like your wig. You guys had great cosplays at Anime North! 15 years ago
  • BoredHorror aww cute picture. you make a really cute sakura ^_^ 15 years ago
  • Cloud_Strife07 aw >3 15 years ago
  • london2191 Cute. =D 15 years ago