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from costume Jill Valentine
nightko Area closed due to Bio Hazard.
  • Deacon G. Black That is a wonderful job on the Jill Valentine! And yes, that ladder is closed due to a biohazard, make sure no one goes up it. =0) 16 years ago
  • nightko Yes true. ^^ I will do this one step at a time. "Face off" for now then show mine when the time is right. :P 16 years ago
  • Sukane Why's your face hidden in like every picture? lol. This looks nice though. Good Jill. ^^ 16 years ago
  • nightko Thanks for the comment and msg, I like this picture too. ^^ 16 years ago
  • Master Zero Very awesome. 16 years ago
  • LadyCerbero Nice pic ^^ 16 years ago