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XenoGirl Photo by the fabulous Lionel aka LionBoogy! Such a fun pose... sexy but deadly... so very KOS MOS...
  • Sweet Rikku Amazing! You look so beautiful! 18 years ago
  • Kirschwasser Wow, I didn't know you made Episode I version Kos-Mos. It's so awesome. You really made a kick-arse outfit! XD I love the boots especially. ^^ 19 years ago
  • yayahan I think the character suits your look very well, and the costume itself is nicely done! Btw, I believe all of your costumes are very flattering and wisely chosen projects. Very cool! 19 years ago
  • Missy great job! you look awesome! KOS-MOS is one of my fav characters. ^^ 19 years ago