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evil_neko Shh >.>: I kind of... forgot that boobs grow every once in a while XD; So uh... I think it's time to make a new gunner shirt? I mean, considering that this one barely fit in the first place XD;

Taken at the FF shoot at Katsu '05 and the only reason it's covering me at all because of the doublestick tape the lovely TiraMisu leant me, but one of the pieces pulled off and just kinda chilled on my shirt and not my skin >.>: Sometimes these things can't be helped, I guess ^_^;;;; I tihnk it's a pretty okay picture, though ^_^;;;

Photo by Al-my-dear, whom I love so very, very greatly
  • evil_neko Thanks, guys! And Tenial, you know you're only saying that cause my shirt's falling off XDD 18 years ago
  • DonovenHunterX I wish I could go with Demri, Andy and Co, to AnimeBoston. :( *sobs* 18 years ago
  • evil_neko Lizzy: WHTA XD And get you all in trouble for looking at child pornography? XDD;;; 18 years ago
  • dizzylizzy come on now... show us some boob!! ::Winks:: fine fine... post it on your LJ. lol 18 years ago
  • evil_neko Reiko: <333 I want your sex too ^___~ Selphie: Omgs I know ;-; It's so sad, we definately have to meet up at Ota <3333 18 years ago
  • Selphie_fairy doode I totally miss you and your sexiness T,T 18 years ago
  • Reiko theres my sexy kitty!!!! 18 years ago
  • evil_neko RikkuX: No more Anime Boston for me T_____T;;; My school's drama club's performance is the same weekend >.>:;;; Rubeus: Thanks! Katie! You tell 'em! XD (Psst... they grow faster if you drink soy milk :X But you didn't hear it from me :XXXX) 18 years ago
  • Katie Boobs... grow? *stares down* YOU HEAR THAT? YOU LIED TO ME! 18 years ago
  • Rubeus yes, it´s nice 18 years ago
  • RikkuX I think its a cute pic - boobs are great ^_~ so i guess its a good thing that ya need to remake the shirt ^_^ - hope to see ya at AniBos! 18 years ago