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XenoGirl Photo by the talented Cornstarch at the SakuraCon 2005 Photo Booth! This was my first time posing in such a professional setting, and it was so much fun... and I love the the look of these pictures against the white background!
  • SelphieTilmitt KOS-MOS!!! *squee* Soooo cool. xD You look so so awesome =)) 19 years ago
  • YuffieKeychain lovely costume ^^ 19 years ago
  • Elsch Awesome costume!! 19 years ago
  • Solaria Wow, you make an awesome Ep. II Kos-Mos! ^-^ 19 years ago
  • CelestialMaiden I never seen this show or video game character but I love the detail! You look so pretty in this shot!!! 19 years ago
  • o0marikit0o that. is awesome 19 years ago
  • ska beam Beautiful!!!! 19 years ago
  • Chibi Ice Wolf ooh looks spiffy =3 19 years ago
  • Lodi OOooo! Very pretty! I especially love your wig! Awesome job on your cosplay. :) 19 years ago