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from costume Mephisto Pheles
ChilmarkGryphon These characters are the Honey Honey Sisters, and apparently they are Mephisto Pheles' most favorite animu girls. I, for one, think they are unspeakably terrifying. They don't have names, but as I spent close to 50 hours working with them from drawing to finished textile, I gave them names.

From top left, they are Stripper-tan, Chiridako, Dark Misha, Chiriko2, Shinobiderp, and Special-chan.

Took screencaps from the anime to reference their poses, un-skewed and traced Photoshop, enlarged, and then put them underneath the fabric and retraced them for the yukata.

You can see my obi at the top there. Getting crisp outlines on ribbed fabric is so frustrating.
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