~Arizu~'s image
~Arizu~ This is me as Barbie.

Am I beautiful or what?>D;

My sister asked if she could style me as Barbie I said okay and thats what came out...x_X;

Awful isnt it?|DDD

photoshopped by yomi

thank you dear!^w^
  • ~Arizu~ Danke meine Prinzessin TwT 16 years ago
  • chuchu-mana du siehst wirklich unglaublich hüpsch aus ; 0 ; 16 years ago
  • ~Arizu~ OMFG...°_____° I didnt expect so many comment on TAHT crap...|D; But thank you everyone that makes me so glad TwT Yukaoru: Ja schon irgendwie...'_'; xD Fairy Princess: Ah dunno °_°...I dun really like barbie it was just for fun but thanks ne xD 16 years ago
  • tEnTen awwwww 16 years ago
  • Yukaoru You look really pretty! *-* (Extensions für jede Gelegenheit, gell? XD) 16 years ago
  • prexus i love it!!! 16 years ago
  • reita haha you look so cute!!! 16 years ago
  • Teipu so pretteh~ 16 years ago
  • Mi-chan4 Lovely shot! ^^ 16 years ago
  • Fairy Princess Hehe beautiful Barbie! You look like "Anica" from Barbie and the Pegasus... I don't remember the name in english =P but it's her last movie 16 years ago
  • Juni-chan Uh~ hello barby *,,,,*/)) I love your barby~style >333333 16 years ago
  • ~Arizu~ Hahaha |D You more or less made that pic ne! No wonder you like it it's BARBIE! 16 years ago
  • +Yomi+ i still like it ; ~~ ;< 3 16 years ago
  • ~Arizu~ Thank you >DDD 16 years ago
  • momochan lovely!!! 16 years ago