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Admin Jia Jem as Tank Girl
August 3, 2010.
  • Mike7718 I wonder what Jude Baker would say! 10 years ago
  • sam vimes I just got hit by the biggest wave of nostalgia. Hats off to you, Jia. 10 years ago
  • NamelessLove XD I love this movie and these photos! Very cool! 10 years ago
  • Davence awesome costume, sex and guns all the way , woot! 11 years ago
  • shi-lian oh cĀ“mon jia!! look what you ve done to your hair, and is COMPLETELY AWESOMEEE HEHHEHEH YOU RE THE BEST!!! 11 years ago
  • CreativeGuy Fantastic!! 11 years ago
  • imma LUBRICATION lmao))) 11 years ago
  • Merodi "LUBRICATION" Say whaaaa? Haha 11 years ago