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from costume Lelouch Vi Britannia
Angathol Just when you thought you'd seen the last of Lelouch... BITCH IS BACK

First photo back from our MTAC set with Stillvisions! I must say, we look pretty snazzy. Might just be the Toronto sunlight on our ~fabulous~ gold applique LOL. No cape this time - it got left behind because nobody wants to be my cape lackey for the day - but it will return for some kind of epic shoot in the future. :) I'm mostly grateful that I don't look half bad for someone who couldn't make it to the con until two hours before it ended, due to illness.

Merino is my svelte and moe Suzaku, and I am the Lelouch. Our costumes were a collaborative project made over the course of a mere three weeks last May to compete in Anime North's masquerade, where we won Best Detailing in the Journeyman division. My wig was styled by Chosuke early last year, and I got some help from Merino with the mitred corners on my lapels as well as various other things; in return, I designed the handpainted parts of her vest and jacket. Overall it's an achievement we're both very proud of, as we busted our asses and did it all by ourselves. (Except for Cho, who I will forever be pawing at for wig help because I'm kind of a tool like that.)

Oh yeah, and my jacket's fully lined in a gorgeous red duchess satin. Nobody will ever see it unless I show it to them, but when you put it on it feels like HEAVEN. Bug me about it at Anime North so I can flash you my sexy lining. :D

Photo by the spectacular Stillvisions!
  • Anya You look amazing as usual! :) 11 years ago
  • shattered_song I LOVE this picture! You both look sooo cool! 12 years ago
  • KoopaT YOu guys look so good ! :D 13 years ago
  • KakeraのTsuki Why, yes, I will bug you about your sexy lining at anime north. xD Totally missed you two at Mtac. =( 13 years ago
  • stav Beautiful!*.* 13 years ago
  • Kat Murz oooooo someone(s) are looking SMMEEXXYYY X3 13 years ago
  • Starlit Rose Ohh, flash me flash me! 8D 13 years ago
  • Jayuna You guys look fantastic! =D 13 years ago
  • NovemberCosplay Wowza, amazing costumes 13 years ago