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from costume Freya Crescent
R1KKu This the crest/Coat of Arms piece for a Freya Crescent cosplay that I'm working on, and probably my favorite piece so far.

The piece is constructed out of black pleather and twill. I had quite a hard time with the bias tape for some reason. My machine just didnt want to feed it at the corners, but I managed. The 2 designs are stenciled on. I found the templates here on the forums. Forgot who posted them, but thanks! Much credit goes to you for me being too lazy to draw them out myself.

I'm really excited to get this costume done, and hope to finish it within 2 months for a con. Oh what have I gotten myself into?
  • negativedreamer totally spot on!!! 13 years ago
  • Argento looks awesome! I'm so glad to see that ff9 is making a comeback as cosplay material. such an awesome game~ 13 years ago
  • anwyn_crescent Niiice! I like the fabric choices. I'm sure the rest of the costume is going to be great, I can't wait to see it! =) 13 years ago