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Miki-san Today is Halloween, so i thought lets upload another photo of my Sora Halloween/Xmas town. This was taken at Abunai.

In this photo i am wearing my uberblue contacts :) and i have my new keyblade with me, Oblivion :) also you can see my Shoes!

Special thanks to the photographer from Aztek-TV :D
  • Peique Hey! You did great! You hat and what you did with the eyes are what I like most. Congratulations! 12 years ago
  • Miki-san @eleanorx: geen probleem hoor. Je hebt gewoon ook mooie costuums :) Had het costuum vorig jaar abunai aan, en een keer op Facts in Beglie. 13 years ago
  • eleanorx wow ik wist niet dat jij dat was!!! WAT een mooi kostuum zeg :) *ik heb je niet gezien op Abunai :P lees: ik had mn bril niet vaak op hahaha* Heel mooi kostuum ZEKER WETEN - (en bedankt voor de comments ^^ word ik heel blij van ^^) 13 years ago
  • Akashi Mirai hey, flashback naar onze eerste ontmoeting :P Still love you when you look like that ;) 14 years ago
  • Dante-san ^^looks great and cool shot! 14 years ago
  • Kitsuka I know youuuu xDDD! Awesome cosplay. I love this one ^^! 14 years ago
  • Shaman Renji Woot for this cosplay! *glomps you (again)* 14 years ago
  • neoangelwink sooo cute ^_^ 14 years ago
  • Kuro Penguin Wayy too awesome! I love it *---* 14 years ago
  • Bramarb Ahhh!! Keyblade OBLIVION!!! HURRAY!!! greatest keyblade choice i may say! 14 years ago
  • Nency WOW!!! Miki-san Miki-san Miki-san you look steeply!!! 14 years ago
  • Kaitou_voler I love this cosplay :D You rock ^^ 14 years ago
  • FrozenNight Your Sora is really amazing and I love the keyblade too! *_* 14 years ago
  • Endang I love this version of his outfit! And you did such a wonderful job on it. :D (Love the shoes...*_*) 14 years ago
  • Blue Sasarai i adore this costume ;_; 14 years ago
  • Kiii_chan Awesome :D I loved your cosplay so much! >u<;; 14 years ago
  • Psyposer happy halloween dear!!! you rock! √≤wo~~~~ 14 years ago
  • Drezell HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Boo! Trick or treat! Oooh! This is a treat! This costume came out so awesome! I wish I could see it in person. This is such a great picture of it too! 14 years ago
  • Elsch Looks great!! ^^ 14 years ago
  • Evadoll Your Xmas Sora is just great! ^^ 14 years ago
  • Albel-Nox HAPPY HELLOWEEN to you too ^_____^ your costume is so great ^^ 14 years ago
  • Sjoukje HAPPY HALLOWEEN DEAR!! AH Love your costume ^-^ You should watch the movie by the way ^-^ It is perfect for Halloween evening! Hugs! 14 years ago
  • Takuropop I love your Christmas Town Sora so much, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 14 years ago
  • silenthillnurse that's really really good! 14 years ago