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~Arizu~ No cosplay, just styling pic.
Last weekend I dresses up at a friends and that's the result.
Hope you like it!
Please comment |D;
  • ~Arizu~ @ kupipuu: Thank you dear =3 @ Jeeze: Thank you thank you~~ *hugs* I love it too xD; @ tEn: Aw chérie you make me so happy T0T Haha lass ma irgendwann zu sammen...RUMTUSSEN T0T~~~ Diruuuuuuuu weheheeeeeeeee~ 16 years ago
  • tEnTen ari starts to grow up hun im so proud of you of gaining more and more style eachtime wow im impressed ohne scheoß alda du verbesserst dich so cherie 16 years ago
  • Jeeze indeed, it styles XD *loves the hair* 16 years ago
  • japanese zombie honey you rock! *_* 16 years ago