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from costume Xianghua
Ononoke This is the first full shot of my Xianghua costume from ACen. I like this shot because it shows off the whole costume except for the full detailing on the front and back of the shirt. I dont like this shot because it shows the rip in the side of my pants ;_; I swear next time I'm using elastic instead of a drawstring.

Thanks to EBK for the photo =D
  • Zergishzerg basically amazing 14 years ago
  • Yusura oh I love your costume of Xianghua ^^ 15 years ago
  • Gun Haver I like you ^_^ 15 years ago
  • Crystalike So cute!!!! I too love the detailing! 15 years ago
  • Elsch Wonderful costume~ ^^I love the detailing on the top. ^^ 16 years ago
  • kotsuki That is awesome, I love it! 16 years ago
  • AuroraPeachy omg you are so cuuuuuuuuuuute!!! It was great to pose with you at ACen ^_^ *was Taki* 16 years ago
  • Milky Cute! And it's not noticeable at all :] 16 years ago
  • [/LĂ©lis] XIANGHUAAAAAAAA OMG< I love this SC3 char..and this outfit is soooooo gorgeus! You did a VERY NICE JOB! Congratulations! I love your costume! 16 years ago