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from costume Kurenai Maria
Elsch Another Maria shot~ ^^
I do not have many detail shots~~ T_T I really wanne wear this costume again.
  • I_dream Lovely costume! Great shoot!!! I love it!!! ^_^ 12 years ago
  • chibiplum You pull off Maria so well. 12 years ago
  • Misaki_chan very pretty! 12 years ago
  • B-Shira WOW Is so perfect! I really want to see you in TNT OMG! *O* 13 years ago
  • Sakenshi You look JUST like her! AMAZING~ 14 years ago
  • Mary Plu Moon love your eyes´s make up! really gives a great effect! perfect costume! this pic is sooooooo beautiful! ^^ kisses :) 14 years ago
  • Gilraen perfect *_* 14 years ago
  • Luffy XII wow its maria! 14 years ago
  • Dante-san you make a gorgeous Maria *O* *love it* 14 years ago
  • Blue Sasarai i love your maria soo much :D so beautiful and perfect! 14 years ago
  • Hanami you look so beautiful *_* white hair suits you so lovely~ ^^ 14 years ago
  • erioru vampire knight >_< kawaii ~~ 14 years ago
  • xrysx i love VK very much too~ but i don't like maria! XD you make a very pretty Maria though! ^^ 14 years ago
  • Integral F.W.H. WOW *____* 14 years ago
  • Chiko *_________________* *anluv* 14 years ago
  • Hunny you are so pretty this shot suits your costume so well *-* loves it muy muy muy feste X3 14 years ago
  • reita you look absolutely great!!! 14 years ago
  • london2191 You are just absolutely gorgeous here! Not many people can pull off a white wig and you are one of the few. =^^= This is just beautiful. 14 years ago
  • -Naraku- so beautifull *o* 14 years ago
  • Chandra DO IT!!!! You are so great as Maria!!! (und ich shoote dich auch gerne, wenn du willst^^) 14 years ago
  • Assara AWW!! Wonderful 14 years ago
  • +.-.uzuki.-.+ i love vampire knights and you make a lovely maria (>v< ) beautiful!! 14 years ago
  • Faith *__________________* CUTE!!!! 14 years ago
  • Rikku-chan in EVERY picture you just look BREATHTAKING!!! gosh! 14 years ago
  • RoxyDirKaoru You're always so GORGEOUS! *_* 14 years ago
  • tora-san I really love this costume of yours and the shot is great ^^ 14 years ago
  • Teetah The red roses go so well with your white costume~ ^_^ I love this shot! [Tell me when you'll wear Maria again, I'd love to join you if it's fine with you~ ^^ ] 14 years ago
  • A~ming So Sweet~ XD 14 years ago
  • Curl-chan ohja das Bild hat tolle Farben ^^ un du siehst toll aus =O 14 years ago
  • Chibi awesome! I like this cosplay of yours! 14 years ago