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haru5319 This is the awesome pyrotechnics stuff was done at San Japan Mach 5. Chi's uncle is a professional pyrotechnic that does live performances all over at renaissance fairs and other events. He allowed Chi to have some of his fire trick stash for firebending photos because he is a big Avatar fan.

We originally took videos so we could get some awesome stills of the fire, but alas the quality is not very good, so we will try again very soon with a different camera. So until them I am salvaging some of the less grainy photo's~

I hope everyone had wonderful convention!!! If you want you can watch the bending in action here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvXf8NiUZj4

WARNING: DO NOT try ANY of these tricks!!!!! This is REAL fire that is HOT and can BURN you!!!!!! Keep your honor and stay away from burning things

Footage taken by LadyTerra
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