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from costume Vaati
NiGHTmaren I adore cosplaying Vaati. He's my favorite character ever, though some may be surprised when I tell them that. :) He's a lot of fun to get into character with, he's arrogant, twisted, and doesn't take others very seriously. Even though this is a costume I made in 2008, I do enjoy wearing it every now and again, though I do need to get more makeup since this one is starting to fade (it used to be a light purple but the years have done a number to my mixture, haha).

Also it should come as no surprise that I have taken to Ghirahim...quite well after playing Skyward Sword. I'm planning to cosplay him this year.
  • LuNarr Very awesome! Vaati is one my favorite villans too. :D You pull him off incredibly well! The pose looks exellent and the costume is amazing! Your wig is so pretty hehe Wonderful job!~ 11 years ago