Angathol's image
from costume Marisa Kirisame
Angathol Title is a reference to the 1999 spoof "Doctor Who and the Curse of the Fatal Death." Bonus points if you got that without reading this part!

I look so mischievous here, copping a feel on that poor defenseless Dalek. Thankfully it was empty inside or I probably would've been exterminated.
  • Ritsu H Saotome Wouldn't that be MAD (Mutual assured destruction) with Marisa vs the Daleks? 12 years ago
  • † Wolfwood † Marisa VS. Dalek... who wins? MASTERSPARKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 12 years ago
  • kohime DONT STEAL THAT ROBOT MARISA! >:O 12 years ago
  • Toria Oooooooooh thank you so much! I am so showing this to my mum so I can do this! ^_____________^ 12 years ago
  • Toria Yes please!!! I wanna hat like that!! *______* 12 years ago
  • VicViper_Mk2 "Alice peeks in the corner" Marisa you're being a playgirl again. "jealous jealous" 12 years ago
  • Toria Your hat. I wants. *grabby hands* *____* 12 years ago