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  • CosplayerGabi Epic backdrop, check. Epic cape, check. Yeah this is great to behold. 12 years ago
  • DreaM HunteR i'd like to see a whole back of this costume :3 i love those red wings on the art ^^ 12 years ago
  • Tazzie Wow what an amazing cloak! 12 years ago
  • Kitsoru DAT CAPE. Lovely! 12 years ago
  • HaruhiDeathSyth that is just awsome.. like toshiroxuzumaki said.. no words can describe 12 years ago
  • Relena989 Fantastic!! 12 years ago
  • ToshiroxUzumaki ...*.* No words can describe how amazing this is 12 years ago
  • jusdepomme wonderful!!! *.* 12 years ago