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from costume Kaoru Kozue
stav In episode 15, when Kozue fight Utena, there are milkshakes all aroud the scene, that represent Miki.
When Kozue become Miki's rosebride, she actcually achieved Miki, the mlkshake.
and that's why I called this picture "The Milkshake Princess"

I just love Utena bullshit!

  • yorune omfg it's so nice to see a great kozue cosplay ;A;;; keep it up!!! 12 years ago
  • stav Thank you so much!^^ 12 years ago
  • mostflogged GAH I LOVE THIS. You make such a pretty Kozue! *A* 12 years ago
  • Mahato Shey-Kun I'm glad you explained it, that's a pretty curious title! 12 years ago
  • Serf San /utena hafira xD 12 years ago