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from costume Ragna The Bloodedge
Elffi Yo! Here's my newest cosplay, Ragna The Bloodedge from Blazblue. Hope you enjoy it~

If you have any questions about the costume, just feel free to ask me ^^

Sword materials:
-Wooden stick
-Empty toilet paper rolls
-Miniature paints
-Hot glue
-Faux leather
  • Jun_Tao Your country always look so gloomy and cold, but also is a wonderful background. Ahhhhhhh!!!! I really want to know how you did it, you are a very good cosmaker. As always I like your work, the costume, sword and wig are perfect. ------------------ Ahhhh!!!!! Quisiera ser la mitad de buena de lo que tu eres como cosmaker, la chaqueta es demasiado genial; quiero tocarla jaja. Tambièn quiero un escenario como el tuyo, pero en Mèxico es imposible que lleguemos a esas temperaturas tan bajas. 13 years ago