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from costume Chii
RING0guu I really like this picture!
Not sure who took it, but whoever it was, thank you ! :)
  • Shana05 Didn't this use to be your forum avatar? I think I've seen it before. Anyway it's absolutely beautiful. 10 years ago
  • 怪物304 you are a cute Chii! i like your expression, sweet and natural. and this picture is well taken. *thumbs up* 11 years ago
  • aishiteru_demi You look so cute! Good job! :3 11 years ago
  • Otaking97 wow, omg no doubt! Amazing!! 11 years ago
  • krys-chan Very cute and beautiful :D 11 years ago
  • sumoose I saw you at Fanexpo.. You look AMAZING! Beautiful and cute and so doll-like!! 11 years ago
  • Musicalpencil You look so elegant! 11 years ago
  • Celcia You're absolutely adorable! Your costume and smile are really beautiful. ^_^ 12 years ago
  • fandalia such an adorable cosplay. 12 years ago
  • PsychoLove Oh sweet jesus! Your Chii is adorable and perfect!! You have captured her perfectly. Beautiful work! 12 years ago
  • AlbinoPlant Oh my goodness this is so cute! You have a lovely smile and make such a beautiful Chii! :D 12 years ago