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Kiyu Sorry for the bad quality! The lightning in my bedroom isn't of the best.

A few more details and I'm done. I think I spent 2 evenings on this. Although I'm really lazy about it because the convention I'm going to attend in this isn't until autumn/winter 08.

What do you think about the red ribbon? I used a red satin ribbon for this, but the glossiness of it kind of ruins the costume I think. It gives off this 'cheap' and unprofessional look, even though satin ribbons are more expensive than cotton fabric.
I don't know. Should I change it? I'm going to resow the shirt using a more white fabric anyways. (This one is actually off-white)
  • RoxyDirKaoru Awsome as always! You look so cute with that angry face! XD ^_^ 14 years ago