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from costume Naoto
Vicksta *snickers at the title*
Major to kudos to whoever understands the title, besides Claire XP

Anyway here's another amazing photo that Lionel took of us, Claire really wanted a shot where you could see the escalators of d00m. But I never doubted Claire and thus this awesome picture was the outcome. I also know my wig is kinda inaccurate right now; I fell sick prior to Katsucon and had no time to finish anything else and styling the wig. I will however style and cut it before I wear it again.

Naoto: Me
Nill: Final_Memories

Photo: Lionel
  • Terumi GAW :O I love this photo too much xD 15 years ago
  • Parasaurolophus Nice photo! The Metro does, in fact have escalators of DOOM! 15 years ago