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from costume Axl Low
Miki-san A cosplay that was on my must cosplay list for a long while. So finnaly a photo of my Axl cosplay. This costume was alot of fun to make. I really love the british flag like shirt, the design is just too cool. I hope i make a good Axl, i felt like a hippy with the wig XD. I had fun making the weapons :)
Guilty Gear really has the coolest characters to cosplay. Id love to do a Bridget or A.B.A cosplay sometime too xD
  • Albel-Nox Oh thats so cool. I love your Axl Low *___*~ 13 years ago
  • Sommo_Ansem Greeaaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!!!!! *รง* 13 years ago
  • Hero Tetsu hey thanks for the post i really apreciate it ^, this costume really really rocks!!!, i like GG alot and i am on making my Sol Badguy cosplay, but i need more work out, iam working on it ^^, i hope make it for the next year ^^, but congratulations on this one, really amazing n.n 13 years ago
  • FrozenNight You look so cool! ^^ 13 years ago
  • PaperTwilight Wow :'DDD This is the best axl low I've ever seen!! <33 Great job! xDD 13 years ago
  • Dante-san ^^looks great! 13 years ago
  • kowaipanda Miki-san you make a very cool AXL! 13 years ago
  • Endang Wah! Amazing Axl! ^_^ Definitley one of the best ones I've seen! ;D 14 years ago
  • Tuxedo Reiko Miki-san + Axl= Win sandwich o.o! 14 years ago
  • Blue Sasarai aw ^^ u make such a cute axl. your shoulders are so fluffy!! *_* 14 years ago
  • Miki-san Thanks everybody ^_^ @Jarlino: Yeah, i you commenting on my costume :D I really wanted to go with the supershort jeans vest, but huge zippers n fur <3 im glad that i did because its just tooo Axl (yay for re-using squall/xmas sora/greed fur) XD 14 years ago
  • Jarlino Oh, that was you? Hahaha, I hadn't even recognised you.... -_-' I think I did compliment on how nice it was to see a cool Axl on a dutch con though, and if I didn't , I'm doing it now! The jeans vest looks so HUGE because of the fur and the ginormous zippers. O_O But it's completely accurate, and makes for an awesome Axl Ros...euhm Low! Keep up the good work, especially if they're from series I love like Guilty Gear! ♥ 14 years ago
  • neoangelwink yeahee axl ^__^ 14 years ago
  • Kitsoru AWESOME Axl! One of the best I've seen :3 14 years ago
  • Evadoll Yay =D I really like the colors of your costume ^^ Too bad I've only seen it for 10 minutes IRL. But it rocks! 14 years ago