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from costume Generic Thief
BisectedBrioche Completed at last. I still need to finish tidying up the edges on the left (wearer's perspective) pouch, but it's complete for all intents and purposes. :D

I might add one of those demon face emblems that tend to appear on the pouches in Disgaea and I'll have to add a tie or clip of some sort when I know what the shorts the pouches are beign attached to look like. But apart from that my work in this area is done. :D
  • Stina006 oh wow you are doing great! : O i REALLY want to see this when it's done! 12 years ago
  • ~H~ Nice work! These look very authentic ^_^. 12 years ago
  • SigmaRue This is going to be awesome! Great progress so far! I freaking love Disgaea. 12 years ago
  • Kacela Looking good. It is great that you are making everything for scratch, the cosplay should have quite a unique and authentic feel to it ^^ 12 years ago