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Tenshi Musouka I figure since everyone seems to post up cute pet pictures, I may as well post a cute pet picture, in cosplay!

This was our Jack Russle Terrier, named Apache. He died about a year ago ;_;
but he was a great pet. Here is his one and only costume: a pirate. We dressed him up for Hallowe'en one year. I decided to post him with and without the beard.
(he hated the beard. It was on for about 15 seconds. Just long enough for the picture)

Tell me what you think :)
  • MEGHANCLAPOINTE aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwww 15 years ago
  • Kai Harn how cute 16 years ago
  • Brita_Lee *squeal* He has a lil' treasure box! =^_^= 17 years ago
  • Demri Aw, I'm really sorry about your loss. He looks like he was a really cutie. And a great cosplayer, too! What a sweet little puppy... 17 years ago
  • Psyposer Hohahahah daaaaaaaamn cute XD~ 17 years ago
  • Wolf_Angel OMGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!! Thats the cutest thing EVAR!!!!!!! I'm very sorry for your loss, I know loosing a pet is very hard...Goodluck *hugs* 17 years ago
  • Kaeia XD that is so damn cute! I wish Marley would let me dress her up >. 17 years ago
  • kaliko_rosa Awwww!!! lol, that's SO cute!!! Apache the pirate. What would his pirate nickname be? lol. I wonder. I'm not good at figuring out that kind of stuff, lol. That costume is actually such a nice quality one! I think he looks best without the beard though. All you need is the CGed pirate flag, heehee. Dressing him up was such a good idea :). 17 years ago
  • chaos_magician Awww he was sooo cute!! ...sorry for your loss..I know what it's like to loose a dear pet...great job on his pirate costume and the beard is a nice touch..yeah for cosplay pets!!! 17 years ago