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Your_Rain A kinda crappy CG that I made in my only somewhat complete Lady costime.

It needs fingerless gloves. red boots, and a green skirt under the ammo holders. The contacts, too. And who could forget the Bazooka~! <3 I dun think I'm gonna doooo any of it though, because I have a Dante to complete. ::huggles Leon::

My hair got tooooo long and heavy to put up like hers, so I gotta get it cut. ><;; That I can do, though~! YAY~! *^0^*
  • MeowZoid nice! You're much farther than me on this costume.. all I gots is a shirt >.< You do such nice work. keep it up! 17 years ago
  • Winters Knight YAY! this is so uberly awesome *glomps* You're so cool Bekki! 18 years ago