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from costume Anji Mito
Omega Corn The only difference this year is the glasses.
They're more accurate but keep sliding off.

You know I just realized this but you can wear an Anji costume to even out a T-shirt tan..... that's amazing.
  • Blue Sasarai u maketh a great anji XD 15 years ago
  • DismalFate You're officially my favorite cosplayer <3 Most of the Anji cosplayers I've seen have undersfans and overlook the glasses. And generally male GG cosplayers don't have the right body type to do a GG character. So you just pwn that hardcore because you're absolutely perfect for Anji! <33333 16 years ago
  • schalke yeah i couldn't agree more to're really like anji's true human form... you're definitely hot... ^_^ 16 years ago
  • Nyappybou Oh My Juliet You Look EXACTLY LIKE HIM *go's to play* 16 years ago
  • Narcomics haha your description gave me laughs. This a great costume. I almost dont want to call it a costume. Too legit. I probably would wear it while watching tv. :D lol 16 years ago
  • DizzyConscience Cute. :3 16 years ago
  • FateRuins Niiiicee! 17 years ago
  • Omega Corn Actually, all Anji cosplayers are cold. ^_~ 17 years ago
  • Evali Ha ha! Cute description! I love Anji, you're one of the best I've seen. Great hair! 17 years ago
  • EverEvolvingGrl Okay I have a theory that all Anji cosplayers are hot, you are no exception. Thank you. 17 years ago
  • Lystrade XD! Again, awesome Anji!! Lol! That is amazing!! XD 17 years ago