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Charlie-chan This is basically the only reason I did Yui really. cuz in reality.. I am in NO WAY a Yui fan. But I didn't know who to cosplay as for the event and then I was inspired. XD;; A.Y.A and Tasu as Amiboshi and Suboshi posing with me as Yui. I love da twins! WOO! and their costumes were absolutly awesome in person :D!
  • layerD You still look VERY odd with my wig on...We both look weird as blondes!!! 18 years ago
  • Charlie-chan Chibi Ice Wolf- teehee. i do look smug don't i? lol. im like not a big fan of stupid miaka and yui at all.. but come on.. i just HAD to do it. lol.. TWIN BISHIES! bwhaha XD;; 19 years ago
  • Chibi Ice Wolf Haha, you look very smug in this pic. If I got my own bish seishi, I'd cosplay one of the miko girls too, and I also hate Yui and Miaka. LOL XD I almost went to that Bookman's thing myself. 19 years ago