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Karlee-bum sssoooo..
I ended up wearing shadow Chie on Saturday of AN (because I had no Ulala wig .. among other things. :U) and had SO much fun. *___*

grabbed this one from Flickr because my contacts looked cool! :'D if you're the photographer let me know! anyone know who the other chie is? ;_; she was so cute!
  • RaitoSonozaki Dude :O That's freaking awesome 12 years ago
  • Rock-e You were awesome at the photoshoot! Soooooo creepy I've got a few shots on my Photobucket, feel free to take whatever you want: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v381/guyanesenerdalisticboi/Anime%20North%202011/Persona%20Photoshoot/ 12 years ago