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from costume Rinoa Heartilly
Musicalpencil I am just so in love with this shot.

(please ignore the fact I left the armwarmers at home)

May 1, 2011
Newport Beach, CA
  • Brightworks I love the sharp shadows in this, makes everything just pop. 8 years ago
  • crystalamaris You look like you're searching for Squall. I like the pose and the surroundings in the picture. Nicely done. 10 years ago
  • Stina006 The wind is blowing so perfectly XD the costume looks very nice from this angle too 11 years ago
  • Victoria Russo Fantastic shot 11 years ago
  • BisectedBrioche That a is a perfect shot! @[email protected] ...your cosplay's great as well. :D 11 years ago