Yossi's image
from costume Fuu Hououji
Yossi I've been dying to do something like this since I started editing the pictures of our Magic Knight Rayearth group. In the series, each girl represents a different element and colour.
The editing turned out not to be quite as simple as I'd hoped, mostly because I had a hard time finding fitting textures/stock images. Ever tried searching for wind-themed pictures that don't show hair or skirts? XD

The finished pictures were meant to be used as single shots, but I put them together for uploading purposes, which works just as well, I think.

For textures and stock images I used please refer to dA: http://fav.me/d3d5nu9

Hikaru Shidou by Maddi
Umi Ryuuzaku by my sister
Fuu Hououji by myself